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Introducing the Wedding Party:
First, the handsome groomsmen and the fine looking groom (in red)
Red ties, black ties, no tie. Mass confusion.     "Alright, everyone ....... let's line up for the picture. Let's see .... hmmm, where shall we .... oh, yes! Perfect! Everyone, please move quickly! Right over there, in front of the garage. Yes, that will be just smashing!"  I guess a jacket at a wedding would just be too citified, so let's just pin these boutonniere's right on the white shirts. Bubba, put down that cigarette!  And no smoking during the ceremony!   I told him it's tacky to light up during the sermon.  If we could have put the wedding off for two more months, the groom would have saved enough money for a pair of black shoes. I told him his tennis shoes have black trim....that's good enough.
Next, the lovely bridesmaids and the blushing bride.
Not everyone can pull off such a vibrant red, but I think this group does it. Sassy, I tell you, just sassy.
Last, the cute couple
Those Wal-Mart slides really enhance her cankles.  Too bad they didn't come in white.    Note how their "outdoor backdrop" is a clearing probably behind the All-Sups where the weeds actually got mowed just for this occasion.
What's she showing us here?
"You SO crazy, honey."
You can almost hear the banjo music.