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Popcicle Stick Humor

Why did the computer Squeak?
Somebody stepped on the mouse

What is the most important thing you need when you go skate boarding?
Your skateboard

Why did the boy stare at the automobile radio?
He wanted to watch a car-tune.

Why did the bird go to the theater?
She wanted to wait in the wings.

What has two banks but no money?
A river.

What is the most musical piece of a turkey?
The drumstick.

What do rabbits put into their computer?
Hoppy discs.

Why was the book in the hospital?
Because it hurt its spine.

What mouse won't eat cheese?
A computer mouse.

What do you call someone who treats a sick duck?
Quack doctor.

Why were the refrigerator foods afraid?
The milk went bad and turned rotten.

What were the two talkative computers doing?
They were having a disc-cussion.

What kind of license does a pharmacist have?
A license to pill.

Why was the turtle shy?
He wouldn't come out of his shell.

What did the snowman and his wife hang over their baby's crib?
A snow mobile.

What did the bug say when it was stepped on?
Nothing, Bugs can't talk.

What kind of guitars do whales play?
Ell-lectric Guitars.

What do bees use to cut wood?
Buzz saws.

What kind of dog can jump higher then a building?
Any dog - Buildings can't jump.

Where shoud you put your tv?
In a remote area.

What do you call a really funny snake?

What sea creature is always grumpy?
A crab.

What time do you go to the dentist?

What subject did the witch pass in school?

Why does the car like this joke?
Because it never tires of hearing it.